I specialise in business to business sales. I help clients improve sales processes, listen to customers and invest in staff development. I do this by:

– Optimising selling strategies to win new customers organically (reducing reliance on RFPs and competitive pitching).

– Refining competitive positioning using customer interviews and testing.

– Creating regular learning opportunities for staff, improving capability and retention.

Over the years I’ve held many senior management roles and my experience of good and not-so good consultants has influenced what I think matters:

1. To provide honest and robust feedback.

2. To concentrate on the outcome. High quality deliverables such as workshop notes are important – but they are not enough by themselves. It is the resulting positive impact on the business that matters most.

3. To help the client achieve self-sufficiency.

4. To encourage preferred behaviours to become the new norm.

5. To build trust between  teams enabling cooperation to flourish.

I work from the premise that there is a lot of skill and experience in existing teams and I start from this point.