The traditional ways of generating short term performance improvements – cost cutting, sales and market share growth – no longer have the same impact. The reason for this is continued competitive intensity, driven by sustained digital infrastructure growth. There has been no stabilisation period, no breathing space that in previous times allowed businesses to consolidate.

This battle is fundamentally about innovation. No business is too small to escape this pressure.

Today, the three foundational abilities are:
– Finding people, products and knowledge to address unanticipated needs.
– Attracting the people you need but didn’t know you were looking for.
– Extracting the performance we need to achieve our potential.

I work with businesses looking to build these capabilities.

In the same way that neural networks outperform the largest single computer, organisations that harness collaboration and the collective intelligence of their teams will be the future winners.

In a rapidly changing world, the ability to learn faster is your critical success factor. 

Consider your three proudest achievements in business. How many of them were directly related to what you learned at school or university? Where did you learn those skills? How might you accelarate that learning for your whole business? What might be possible?